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Successful owners can expect

Startup costs as low as
Annual revenue potential
* Figures are projections for owners operating with
1-2 booths.
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Is this the right opportunity for you?

If you’re a customer-obsessed people person who loves taking photos, fun work environments, entertaining people, becoming a Photo Booth owner is an ideal opportunity for you. As an owner, you will operate 1 photo booth per event. You’ll be fully responsible for training, booking, hiring hardworking hosts, marketing, while we take care of getting your photo booth equipment set up and ready to operate out of a photo booth in your city. You’ll be expected to take on-demand courses to excel your software skills and be able to support your business to ensure the successful photo booth event.

Great Leaders Make Great Photo Booth Owners

The hardest part of being a successful owner is hiring, training, and managing a high-performing business. Owning a photo booth business takes strong leadership along with a lot of grit and hard work as you lead your team to service photo booths to happy customers any day of the year. If that's your expertise, bring your leadership skills, and we will provide you with all of the technology and operational support you'll need.

What You Do

1. Set up your business. Use our suite of exclusive deals to acquire the assets you need to start your business, and work with our network of top-in-class service providers to keep your business rolling.

2. Build your team. You’re a coach. This is your team. As you set up your business, the most important step you’ll take is recruiting and retaining solid hosts that will enable the ongoing success of your operation

3. Deliver Services. Your team of hosts will deliver and services each event. Serving hundreds of customers monthly isn’t easy, but the smiles are incredibly rewarding.

4. Create your team culture. Your can-do attitude ensures your business reflects high standards and customer-obsessed culture. Motivate your team to exceed expectations on every event through coaching and development.

5. Grow your business. Deliver a great customer experience to gain more opportunities to book more people, and deliver additional services to further grow your business.

What We Do

Get you started
We build your industrial-grade photo booth, and quality inspect software to help you get your delivery business up and running.
Provide training
We provide one live introductory training to ensure you’re set up for success, followed by online set up for on-demand online training. We encourage working alongside the community of existing owners to learn the tips and tricks of operating a successful photo booth business from those who know it best.
Give you a comprehensive toolkit. We give you all the tools and technology you’ll need to run your business, including booking processes designed to keep your operation running smoothly.
Offer on-demand support. Owners receive ongoing support from us, which includes a comprehensive operations , maintenance assistance, ways to market your business, and a dedicated community to rely on.
Share our experience
We shares more than 5 years of technological and logistics experience to guide you in one of the fastest-growing industries.

What you will need

Customer obsession
You start with the customer and work backwards.
You love people! You are great at leading and retaining a team of hosts.
Deliver results
Your can-do attitude inspires your team to handle delivery & service work, even when challenges arise.
You’re capable of dealing with the ambiguity of a fast-paced, ever-changing business.
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Want to learn how to build a photo booth on your own?

Our photo booth shell packages are designed for those of who are technically savvy and can piece your booth together your own. Our shell packages come with the course necessary to build and equip your photo booth for proper functionality.


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